MH Effect

A power analytical tool for drug safety research


MH Effect identifies potential drug safety concerns by integrating patient safety data with clinico-molecular knowledge to determine drug-induced adverse events and drug-drug interactions.

What are the benefits of MH Effect?

Comprehensive drug insight

MH Effect provides a comprehensive and dynamic analytical solution for the molecular analysis of drug-induced adverse events and drug-drug interactions for all marketed drugs, and can predict safety issues for new drug candidates.

Population scale

MH Effect combines clinical information from more than 6 million patient cases from FAERS with molecular knowledge covering drug targets and drug modes of action at the level of target pathways.

Powerful visualization

Dependency graphs visualize the relationships between drugs, targets, metabolizing enzymes, transporters, serum carriers, and pathways.

Mechanistic drug knowledge

MH Effect provides the unique advantage of mapping and integrating drugs, drug efficacy, and outcomes with molecular mechanisms.

Data Integration and enhancement

MH Effect integrates and maps otherwise disparate data on drugs, diseases, outcomes, drug reactions, drug classes, metabolic enzymes/transporters, drug targets, and pathways.

Powerful statistics

MH Effect provides powerful and extensive, pre-calculated signal detection statistics for quantitative analysis and hypothesis formulation (e.g. rROR, rPRR).


MH Effect is operated as a secure, private cloud solution to provide availability any time, anywhere.

Robust and scalable

We offer a fully hosted on-demand solution, stable in day-to-day operation.


MH Effect provides an innovative approach to the target-specific analysis of adverse event information. This allows researchers to identify side effects, as well as clinical benefits associated with particular targets or target combinations.

Predict adverse effects

MH Effect analyzes drug and disease pathway models to help identify potential safety issues of therapies in development prior to regulatory submission.

Real-time analysis

MH Effect provides real-time access to information from millions of patient outcomes.


MH Effect comes with a full package of expert training and support to facilitate roll-out and implementation.

Substantiates the science

MH Effect confirms the relationship between scientific theory and adverse effects, linking drugs with toxicity mechanisms, patient susceptibility, and clinical effects. It predicts potential safety concerns and provides the evidence behind them.

Up to date

MH Effect software, tools, methods, algorithms, and data are constantly updated, tested, and validated.

The workflow

MH Effect is an enterprise solution for pharmacovigilance signal detection. It integrates drug safety data with clinical-molecular knowledge using Molecular Health's Dataome core technology and allows you to statistically correlate drug side effects in large patient cohorts and populations with the molecular mechanisms of drug action.






The major components of MH Effect are:

The MH Effect database, which integrates more than six million adverse events from FAERS with molecular knowledge about drug targets and drug modes of action at the level of target pathways.
MH Effect analysis launchpad and results browser that displays drug information, drug-drug interaction, patient clinical data, patient cohorts, drug mechanisms, and a contextualized bibliography.

MH Effect supports three major analysis types:

Single entity analyses – Explore adverse event reports by drug, indication, adverse event, protein, drug target, biomarker, or pathway.
Comparative entity analyses – Compare and analyze statistical data on combinations of drugs, indications, adverse events, proteins, drug targets, biomarkers, or pathways.
Cohort analyses – Formulate highly customized queries to analyze multiple clinical and molecular parameters of adverse events, including case-specific attributes such as patient gender or age.

Our Dataome platform draws on the world's health knowledge

Molecular Health has built a comprehensive data warehouse that contains biomedical reference information of unique quality.