MH Guide Hospitals

Making precision medicine a reality


MH Guide is an end-to-end enterprise solution for treatment decision support for oncologists. We interpret raw sequencing data and deliver interactive medical reports, including drug efficacy, with drug-drug and drug-patient compatibilities, all to outline the most likely effective and safe treatment option.

Benefits to Hospitals


MH Guide contextualizes patient-specific molecular data against global biomolecular knowledge, with content drawn from more than six million patient cases (knowledge sources include TCGA, ICGC in oncology, and FAERS).


The sources used by MH Guide for clinical data interpretation are curated by biomedical experts according to stringent quality criteria.


MH Guide identifies variants based on the user-defined filter criteria. Trained users review the list of variants to determine the significant clinically-actionable variants based on medical interpretation of individual patient result. 

Easy installation

MH Guide is easy to access, operate, and maintain. Molecular Health also offers application hosting and data storage.


MH Guide is registered as an in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD) in Europe, conforms with the applicable European regulation (CE marked), and fulfills legal and regulatory requirements on validation and privacy (CAP, CLIA, HIPAA, ISO).

Up to date

MH Guide software, tools, methods, algorithms, and data are constantly updated, tested, and validated. And MH Guide is continuously improved with regular software and data updates.


MH Guide comes with a full package of expert training and support to facilitate roll-out and implementation of the software in your organization, and interpretation of the genetic analysis.

Clinical context

For clinical interpretation of molecular diagnostic data, you need to understand the genetic make-up of the patient in a clinical context. MH Guide can help you.


MH Guide is operated as a secure, private cloud solution to provide availability anytime, anywhere.


MH Guide provides clinically valid reference knowledge and also includes discovery-stage information allowing for translational use scenarios, hypothesis formulation, and research data interpretation.

Clinically actionable options

MH Guide turns the latest genomic and biomedical molecular knowledge into clincially actionable options for treatment.


MH Guide includes pre-clinical, clinical, and approved, canonical, medical knowledge. The statistical significance, evidence base, and clinical validity of this knowledge is provided with full transparency.

Drug safety

MH Guide incorporates drug efficacy and side effect information, including drug-drug and drug-patient compatabilities to help avoid dangerous treatment options.

Specialist data access

MH Guide offers rapid access to specialist medical data sources that are expertly curated, including sources that are otherwise not commercially available, for example the MH Drug resource database and the MH Biomarker database.


MH Guide distinguishes the clinically actionable data points (signals) from irrelevant information (noise) in complex molecular data sets for individual patients.


MH Guide is a stable and scalable software for day-to-day operations.

Seamless integration into clinical routine practice through flexible interfaces


Software configuration, customization, administration, maintenance, operation, and support is provided as part of a fully comprehensive software as a service (SaaS) offering.


Our Dataome platform draws on the world's health knowledge

Molecular Health has built a comprehensive data warehouse that contains biomedical reference information of unique quality.