Engineering the medical revolution

A decade ago, we founded Molecular Health with a vision to change healthcare. Today we are leaders in the development and application of information technology to prevent and treat disease.

Precision medicine through technology

Decoding of the first human genome in 2000 ushered in a new vision of medicine. Known as precision medicine, it aims to find the best possible treatment for each patient based on his or her individual genetic uniqueness. Today every patient can benefit from the scientific and technological innovations in the field of human genome analysis.

The challenge of precision medicine is to combine the molecular and clinical information of a single patient with the relevant biomedical knowledge in a way that yields practical application. A completely new type of information technology is needed to meet this challenge.

Molecular Health is at the forefront of this paradigm shift. Using technology and science together, we create groundbreaking products that help to radically improve the prevention and treatment of diseases like cancer.

How it works

data sources


Complete current biomedical knowledge



Data analysis, interpretation and display


Patient clinical data
Patient molecular data


Molecular Health offers a unique biomedical technology platform. Our core technology is Nucleus—the biggest and most comprehensive biomedical data warehouse in the world.

The Nucleus technology paves the way for our products, which are designed to analyze and interpret complex molecular and clinical patient information on the basis of the knowledge in Nucleus to enable precision medicine.


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