Making precision medicine a reality for everyone

Medical and clinical knowledge grows exponentially. A doubling in volume was estimated to be nearly 20 times faster in 2020 compared to 2010.1 These data volumes can no longer be translated into truly novel drug development or optimal treatment decisions by humans alone, especially when molecular relationships are used to understand and target diseases. Therefore, Molecular Health makes that information accessible and interpretable for professionals seeking to base important decisions on comprehensive and current evidence.

1 Densen, P. Challenges and opportunities facing medical education. Trans. Am. Clin. Climatol. Assoc. 122, 48 (2011). 

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Healthcare providers and clinical laboratories

Leverage MH Guide, our clinical decision support solution, to guide genome-based therapy planning.

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Pharmaceutical and biotech professionals

Create value in drug development with insights from advanced analyses using our Dataome Technology.

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