Catalogue of peer-reviewed studies 2009 – 2023

Over the past decade and a half, Molecular Health has adopted an open innovation policy. This has resulted in successful collaborations with some of the world’s most renowned biomedical institutes and innovators. Together, we have tackled some of the most significant healthcare challenges, with Molecular Health providing the backbone of clinico-molecular data and cutting-edge analytical strategies.
These diverse projects have included improving the detection and prediction of safety concerns for new and approved drugs, as well as applying genome-guided treatment decision support for cancer patients in clinical trial contexts. This work has led to the development of novel computational approaches for drug repositioning and the rational design of drug combinations, as well as the discovery of new predictive biomarkers.
Although this work has been presented at globally renowned conferences such as ASCO, AACR, ESMO, ACMG, PMWC and Bio-IT, in this section we provide details of peer-reviewed submissions that have been successfully published in journals such as Cancer Cell, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nature Communications and Nature Reviews in Clinical Oncology. For each paper, we provide not only the abstract and references but also details of the specific collaboration partner (if involved) and the analytical technology used.

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