Molecular Health (MH) wird im dritten Quartal 2018 an mehreren Wissenschaftskonferenzen teilnehmen:


The 16th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology JSMO, 19.‐21. Juli 2018 ‐ Kobe,
International Conference Center, Japan. Teilnahme: 3 Poster und 1 Präsentation

‐ MH BRCA – Confident BRCA1/2 variant classification: using ACMG and public data for systematic molecular profiling
‐ Intelligent treatment decision support combining variant interpretation and phenotype analytics can transform healthcare
‐ Comprehensive treatment decision support of more than 1,000 patients by the medical device Molecular Health Guide®
‐ Evidence‐based software for NGS in pancreatic cancer: first results from the PePaCaKa study


The 9th Annual Cancer Genomics Consortium CGC Meeting, 6.‐8. August 2018 ‐ Nashville, TN, USA.
Teilnahme: Molecular Health Stand.


Molekularpathologie‐Symposium, 5.‐9. September, Gera, Deutschland. Teilnahme: Vortrag von Herrn
Dr. Stephan Brock CTO von Molecular Health.

Heidelberger Myelomtage, 21.‐23. September 2018 ‐ Im Neuenheimer Feld 410, 69120 Heidelberg,
Deutschland. Teilnahme: Molecular Health Stand.

ISPOR Asia Pacific 2018, 8.‐11. September 2018 – Kei Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, Japan. Teilnahme: Poster

‐ MH Effect® ‐ A novel technology for the molecular analyses of real world outcomes/adverse event data.