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Globally-available data is adjusted, curated, and combined with artificial intelligence

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Evidence-based results for physicians, laboratories, and pharma/biotech companies

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Computer-assisted decision-making aids for healthcare and research professionals

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Every day, the volume of medical and clinical knowledge is increasing:

For the year 2020, a study by the American Clinical and Climatological Association predicted a doubling time of about 73 days, compared with an estimated 3.5 years in 2010.* These data volumes can no longer be translated into specific treatment decisions by humans alone. This is particularly true where molecular relationships are used to understand and target diseases.

Molecular Health strives to make this mass of information available to physicians, laboratories, and pharma & biotech professionals, helping them come to evidence-based decisions.

*1. Densen P. Challenges and Opportunities Facing Medical Education. Transactions of the American Clinical and Climatological Association. 2011;122:48-58.

“We develop software solutions that transform Big Data into precise, actionable decisions for all stakeholders in healthcare.”

Dr. Stephan Brock
Chief Technology Officer

We help to target therapies and mitigate risks


For physicians

More accurate diagnoses, better decisions: Molecular genetic information about tumor diseases can be the key to more effective and tolerable therapies for your patients. Make evidence-based decisions using software-assisted molecular and genetic diagnoses and take full advantage of precision medicine.
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For laboratories

Big Data analytics for labs: Benefit from our software solutions that enable clinical annotations of large datasets in comparison with current medical knowledge. Use our fast, customizable MH Guide platform for direct collaboration with patient care and research colleagues.
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For pharma/biotech companies

Pick the winners: Increase the chance of successful clinical trials for your pharmaceutical development. We combine molecular data and biomedical drug knowledge in our database and work with you to assess the probable outcomes of your clinical trials, even before data collection begins.
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For employers

Oncology care in Germany is outstanding, but not all patients benefit from the available diagnostic and therapeutic options. With our Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE), companies have the opportunity to give their impacted employees straightforward access to comprehensive NGS tumor diagnostics and MH Guide evaluation, as part of an occupational health management program.
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Harness globally-available insights from clinical molecular data for your success. Our applications:

From sequencing data to patient report – in just minutes

MH Guide quickly and accurately identifies and interprets genetic variants in tumors. The MH Guide report helps treatment providers choose therapy options and clinical trials that match the cancer patient’s molecular profile. MH Guide is an IVD medical device approved in the EU.

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Software-assisted analysis of predisposition to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC)

MH Guide/BRCA supports human geneticists in identifying clinically-significant germline variants associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC). This involves automated NGS-based analysis of BRCA1/2 and other HBOC-related genes.

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The automated analysis of hereditary diseases

MH Guide/Mendel helps human geneticists evaluate NGS-based analyses by automatically identifying clinically-significant genetic variants for hereditary diseases.

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