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Molecular Health starts market entry and product distribution in Asia

As it gains a foothold in emerging markets, Molecular Health will be demonstrating its latest product developments at the Precision Medicine & Big Data Congress Asia in Seoul, South Korea, on August 22-23, 2017 


Heidelberg, Germany – August 17, 2017. Molecular Health, pioneer in data- and analytics-driven precision medicine expands its efforts to establish collaborations in Asia’s precision-medicine scene.  


In cooperation with strategic partners, which include some of the world’s most renown laboratories, universities, and organizations, Molecular Health starts to bring its technology (Dataome®) and products also to Asia. 


“Strategic partnerships and collaborations are essential for us to grow, as our regional partners enable us to efficiently bring our products to market,” says Friedrich von Bohlen, Chief Executive Officer, speaking of Molecular Health Guide® (MH Guide).  


MH Guide is a treatment decision-support product for physicians, hospitals and diagnostic laboratories. It is registered as in-vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD) in Europe and is CE-compliant with European regulations. MH Guide includes all steps of the clinical genomics workflow in oncology, from raw sequencing data to generating an interactive, editable medical report. It is the first product of its kind in Germany to be reimbursed by public health insurances. 


In future, precise and individual approaches in oncological therapy will play an even more important role in diagnosing and treating patients. As tumors become increasingly better genetically characterized and understood, patients very likely will benefit from such highly targeted approaches prior to treatment. 


To learn more about Molecular Health or experience an MH Guide demo, visit us at our booth in Seoul, South Korea, at the Grand Hilton hotel, exhibition floor, space no. 2. 



Dr. Xiaoyue Wang 
(+49) 6221 43851-2280 



Molecular Health is a computational biomedicine company focused on big-data curation, integration and analytics to enable precision medicine. The company has developed Dataome®: the most effective, quality-curated, interoperable technology system comprising a large set of databases and analytics that allow the integration and referencing of clinico-molecular drug and disease data to generate novel and actionable insights on drug outcomes for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. These include physicians, hospitals and research networks, commercial labs, regulators and Pharma companies. MH Guide®, a genome-guided oncology treatment decision software, holds an ISO 13485 certification and is the only tool of its kind registered as in vitro diagnostics device in Europe. Molecular Health scientific and commercial teams are based in Heidelberg, Germany and Boston, MA in the US. 


The company is financed by Dievini Hopp BioTech, an investment vehicle of former SAP CEO and founder Dietmar Hopp. 

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