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SAP is expanding the COPE® program and now also covers the cost of tumor analysis for employees affected by cancer in Australia

Heidelberg, Walldorf, 6 April 2018. From 26 March 2018, SAP will provide access to the “Corporate Oncology Program for Employees” (COPE®), developed by Molecular Health and offered by the Institute of Immunology and Genetics (IIG), also in Australia: If cancer is diagnosed in a SAP employee, the COPE program enables the affected person to have a molecular genetic analysis of the tumor genome prepared in order to find indications for promising therapies. 


Approximately 45% of men and 35% of women receive a cancer diagnosis during their lifetimes. Thanks to new technologies for molecular genetic analysis and clinical interpretation, however, cancer patients can now be treated more effectively than ever before. COPE is a milestone in advancing precision medicine. It illustrates SAP’s innovation mindset and caring culture, and the role that SAP HANA® can play in improving decision-making for patient treatment. In the spirit of SAP’s purpose to improve people’s lives, we are dedicated to investing in the health and wellbeing of our employees and to providing innovative benefit options that support colleagues through challenging times. 


With COPE, SAP offers eligible employees free and confidential access to precision medicine through an in-depth molecular-medical analysis aimed at helping doctors make better-informed treatment decisions. “Although COPE is not an actual therapy, the program provides treating doctors with information to make better-informed treatment decisions. A doctor treating oncologist receives this recommendation, which incorporates the patient’s genetic profile at the exact moment a decision has to be made. Therefore, treating oncologists can rely, that every recommendation is based on the latest, state-of-the-art science and technology. We believe that the program offers considerable added value for our affected colleagues”, says Dr. Natalie Lotzmann, Global Vice President HR, Head of Global Health Management, SAP. “Employees are the biggest asset of a company. We are delighted that SAP now also in Australia will help their employees affected by cancer through our COPE program”, says Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO of Molecular Health. 


Within the context of COPE, Molecular Health Guide™ (MH Guide) is being used: The software processes the genetic sequencing data in a very short time and analyses changes in the tumour genome of the patient. MH Guide matches this individual genetic information with biomedical knowledge currently available worldwide. On the basis of the most recent knowledge, this enables the treating doctors to identify a therapy with the highest potential for the tumour profile and to reduce potential side effects as much as possible. MH Guide thus supports the doctor in the efficient preparation of a therapy recommendation tailored to the individual patient, but the therapy decision is still the responsibility of the treating doctor. Confidentiality is a natural component of this process. The patient remains anonymous. Patient-related information remains confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties or the employer. COPE is offered by several global companies to provide employees free access to a molecular tumour analysis. 

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