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Molecular Health to pursue drug repurposing in tuberculosis treatment and perinatal complications

Molecular Health receives grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Heidelberg, Germany/Boston, MA, May 16, 2018. Molecular Health announces it was awarded a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Through the program enabled by the grant, Molecular Health (MH)will leverage computational biomedicine technology and domain expertise captured in MH core assets, Dataome® knowledgebase and MH Effect™ software, to help find shorter, more effective and better‐tolerated treatment regimens for TB, and to explore ways to address perinatal complications in developing countries.


Dataome® is MH’s biomedicine knowledgebase with comprehensive, current and curated clinico-molecular data and information on targets, molecules, diseases, variants, pathways, drugs and outcomes and will be utilized to identify treatment improvement opportunities in these two areas of unmet need, deriving novel insights on drug outcomes from other areas, such as immuno-oncology. MH Effect™ will allow MH experts to tap onto millions of patient records on drug outcomes to efficiently draw and test treatment hypotheses.


Blanca Baez, Global Head of Pharma & Biotech at Molecular Health, expressed: “Our value proposition to drug discovery and drug development is to employ highly specialized in silico research and machine learning techniques to speedily generate, prove and disprove hypotheses for novel, repurposed or combined drug treatments to improve efficacy and safety in specific patient profiles. We do this through clinico-molecular analytics on drug target, mode of action and disease pathways. This grant allows us to continue delivering on this promise.”


About Molecular Health
Molecular Health, a computational biomedicine company, is focused on capturing, curating, integrating, and analyzing biomedical data and knowledge to enable precision medicine. For over a decade, the company has built and developed Dataome®, a unique highly-curated and interconnected reference system that includes clinical, molecular and drug data. Dataome® enables integration and referencing of further drug outcomes data, including electronic medical records and clinical trial data. These are used to run clinico-molecular analyses to elucidate and predict outcomes in specific patient profiles and
inform the discovery and development of more effective and safer therapies. MH Effect™ is one of the software applications MH has packaged to enable advanced clinico-molecular analytics on drug outcomes. Most recently, Dataome® enabled the development of a new AI algorithm that predicts likelihood of success and approval of clinical trials and drug development programs, MH Predictive Engine.



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Blanca Baez
Global Head of Business Development – Pharma & Biotech

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