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Molecular Health Licenses its Proprietary Predictive Analytics to DATEN CAPITAL

• Molecular Health Predict enables highly accurate estimates of clinical trial success probabilities 
• Exclusive license for the financial industry granted to DATEN CAPITAL  
• Molecular Health to receive an annual license fee and success-based payments  


Heidelberg, Germany and Boston, MA — Monday, January 7, 2019 — Molecular Health, a leading company in the field of data science for precision medicine and specializing in the development of products and services leveraging its proprietary biomedicine technology platform Dataome®, is pleased to announce that it has granted an exclusive license for Molecular Health Predict (MH Predict) to DATEN CAPITAL LLP (DATEN), for its use in the financial industry. MH Predict was developed by Molecular Health to calculate the likelihood of success of drug clinical trials, and DATEN is a private limited liability partnership founded to commercialize data-science, AI-driven approaches to investing. Molecular Health will receive an annual license fee as well as success-based payments from DATEN. Friedrich von Bohlen, PhD, Cofounder & CEO of Molecular Health GmbH, said: “We are very excited to announce this exclusive license for the financial industry with DATEN CAPITAL. Understanding and effectively predicting the likelihood of success of clinical trials is critical to achieving better efficiencies and savings in drug R&D – which today still represents billions of dollars of annual losses due to trial attrition for both pharmaceutical companies and investors. We believe that MH Predict will drive a true paradigm shift in drug development, resource and investment allocations and ultimately patient outcomes. We look forward to launching this product also to the pharmaceutical industry in early 2019.” “I came to know Friedrich von Bohlen and Molecular Health during my time in investment banking at Goldman Sachs. After learning more about the company, and assessing its technology, I became increasingly convinced of the potential for Molecular Health to transform the drug development industry. Our mission when founding DATEN CAPITAL was to build a data-science, AI-driven approach to allocating capital. This is why we are particularly excited to have obtained an exclusive license to apply MH Predict to the financial markets. Our aim, and our belief, is that we will help enable the biopharmaceutical industry to deliver new drugs to the market in a much better, faster and cheaper way,” said Amit R. Karna, CFA, Managing Partner at DATEN CAPITAL LLP.  


About MH Predict  

MH Predict is an artificial intelligence (AI) based product that predicts the likelihood of success of a clinical trial to achieve its endpoints. Models are designed and validated based on a range of public and proprietary data sources, including Dataome®, a proprietary database custom built by Molecular Health over 10 years and with over €150m of invested capital.  


About Molecular Health  

Molecular Health is a data science-focused artificial intelligence computing company enabling and improving decision making in precision medicine for healthcare organizations. The company offerings are based on the capture, curation, integration, and analysis of large biomedical and drug data sets and combining them with novel artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies. For more than a decade, the company has been developing Dataome®, a unique high-quality curated, interoperable system that combines clinico-molecular and drug data with proprietary analytical processes. Dataome® – stand alone or in combination with customer data – enables the unlocking of actionable intelligence at the molecular level to a) improve diagnosis and therapy decisions by physicians and patients; b) enrich and support better drug discovery, drug development, trial optimization, drug differentiation and positioning for pharma and healthcare organizations; and c) more accurately predict the likelihood of success and likelihood of approval of drug candidates in clinical development for better trial prioritization and resource and investment allocation. For more information, visit  



DATEN CAPITAL LLP (DATEN) is a private limited liability partnership incorporated in England and Wales (registered no: OC424550). The firm was founded in 2018 with a mission to apply data-science, AI-driven solutions to the financial markets. DATEN plans to initially focus on the biotech sector, primarily in the US and Europe. The Managing Partner for DATEN is Amit R. Karna, CFA, a former investment banker who spent ten years in the healthcare team at Goldman, Sachs & Co., based initially in New York before transferring to London. DATEN CAPITAL LLP is backed by leading investors and individuals in the healthcare and technology sectors. For more information, visit


Molecular Health Predict (MH Predict)
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