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Molecular Health ’s MH Guide shortlisted for the German Digital Health Award 2019

• Molecular Health Guide (MH Guide) shortlisted forthe German Digital Health Award 2019
• Novartis and Sandoz/Hexal nominate seven out of 119 submissions
• MH Guide enables evidence-based cancer therapy decisions for physicians, patients and health insurers


Heidelberg, Germany–Monday, February 18, 2019–Molecular Health (MH), a leading company in the field of data science for precision medicine and specializing in the development of products and
services leveraging its proprietary biomedicine technology platform Dataome, has been shortlisted for the German Digital Health Award 2019. As Novartis Pharma and Sandoz Germany/Hexal announced earlier, MH Guide is one of only seven entriesselected from a total of 119 submissions. The German Digital Health Award is given to sustainable digital solutions to improve healthcare in Germany. The
2nd annual awards ceremony will take place in Berlin on March 20, 2019.


Dr. Friedrich von Bohlen, Co-founder and CEO of Molecular Health, said: ”We are delighted to be shortlisted for the German Digital Health Award 2019 and by the recognition this means for our work. At Molecular Health, we are constantly seeking smart solutions to address the challenges in cancer healthcare. Nine renowned experts have been appointed to the jury by Novartis, and their
nomination reinforces that we are following a future-oriented and sound path.”


With MH Guide, physicians in their everyday cancer practice can make an evidence-based therapy decision that takes into account the individual patient’s tumor characteristics. Utilizing MH’s
proprietary technology platform Dataome, MH Guide generates a summary of potentially effective medications, potentially ineffective medications, and medications that may pose a higher risk of adverse reactions or be predictive for an increased risk of cancer progression. MH Guide is the first software product approved as an IVD medical device by the EU and is currently eligible for reimbursement.


About Molecular Health
Molecular Health is a data science-focused artificial intelligence computing company enabling and improving decision making in precision medicine for healthcare organizations.The company offerings are based on the capture, curation, integration, and analysis of large biomedical and drug data sets and combining them with novel artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technologies. For more than a decade, the company has been developing Dataome, a unique high-quality curated, interoperable system that combines clinico-molecular and drug data with proprietary analytical processes.Dataome – stand alone or in combination with customer data – enables the unlocking of actionable intelligence at the molecular level to a) improve diagnosis and therapy decisions by physicians and patients; b) enrich and support better drug discovery, drug development, trial optimization, drug differentiation and positioning for pharma and healthcare organizations; and c) more accurately predict the likelihood of success and likelihood of approval of drug candidates in clinical development for better trial prioritization and resource and investment allocation.
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