Gen Era Diagnostics utilizes the Clinical Decision Support software MH Guide to amplify and harmonize precision oncology in Turkey

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Gen Era Diagnostics is a leading provider of molecular diagnostics products and services in Turkey. The company has empowered scientists, clinicians, and laboratories in the investigation of diseases and the treatment of patients since 2013 with a comprehensive offering of cutting-edge research and diagnostic technologies.

“We are pleased to have Molecular Health on board in the near future as an experienced partner in precision medicine. With MH Guide, we can analyze and interpret molecular genetic data even faster and more comprehensively. This is an important addition to our service and product portfolio.”

Damla Bozkulak
Head of Marketing and Business Development at Gen Era Diagnostics

The rising demand for personalized treatment of cancer has forced oncologists and pathologists to grapple with a flood of data from genomic testing and a continually changing landscape of recommendations for therapies. Isolated interpretation of results from molecular tumor profiling can lead to unwanted disparities in patient care.

The annotation software MH Guide supports the interpretation of cancer gene variants based on up-to-date clinical research and internationally recognized recommendations and guidelines. With a wide distribution to 20 laboratories, Gen Era facilitates the harmonized translation of genomic data into actionable treatment decisions.

Patient benefit
The collaboration between Molecular Health and Gen Era Diagnostics is a true example of how a game-changing product combined with the market reach of a visionary enabler can accelerate much needed improvements in cancer care. The use of MH Guide across multiple laboratories not only standardizes genomic data interpretation, but also streamlines the evaluation of individual cases by oncologists and molecular tumor boards. Both aspects make the promise of precision medicine a reality for more patients.

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