A long-standing collaboration between the Charité Institute of Pathology and Molecular Health enables interdisciplinary, pan-cancer therapy decisions in the molecular tumor board

The Institute of Pathology at the Charité Berlin is a key player in the care of cancer patients of the country’s capital and surrounding area. Their broad spectrum of analytical methods covers histological, cytological, and molecular diagnostics to deliver the reliable and timely identification of therapeutic options.

“We’ve been using MH Guide for several years in our laboratory and are very satisfied with its flexible application across the different tumor types, being processed and eva- luated in our laboratory.”

Prof. Dr. Michael Hummel,
Head of Molecular Pathology at the Institute of Pathology, Charité Berlin

To meet the rising demand in molecular analyses of a wide range of tumor types, the Institute of Pathology at the Charité Berlin looked to implement an effective and comprehensive solution for results interpretation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) data.

Molecular Health supports clinical routines in the Charité Institute of Pathology with the evaluation of NGS data from molecular analy- ses of various cancer types. The MH Guide software enables the rapid and transparent interpretation of molecular analyses, delivering patient-specific results in customized reports. MH Guide is used especially in the evaluation of large gene panels to perform the paral- lel analysis of multiple disease-relevant genes and the automated identification of diagnostic mutations.

Patient benefit
The long-standing collaboration between the Institute of Pathology at the Charité Berlin and Molecular Health grants patients access to personalized cancer treatment and to relevant clinical trials based on individual molecular tumor profiles. The partnership fosters the rapid, evidence-based interpretation of molecular diagnostic outcomes for all cancer types and thus, promotes effective discussions among the interdisciplinary members of the molecular tumor board.

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