OncoNet Rhein-Main and Molecular Health cooperate to offer optimal therapy decisions for cancer patients

The OncoNet Rhein-Main is a network of clinics, molecular pathology laboratories, practices and medical centers that aims to provide effective and targeted care to all cancer patients in the Rhein-Main area. Working together, partners in the network support clinical studies to integrate innovative therapy approaches into daily clinical practice.

“We are very pleased about our collaboration with Molecular Health. We are united by the common goal of providing optimal treatment to people with cancer. With MH Guide, we have a digital tool for interdisciplinary case discussions in our tumor board. The interactive platform lets us correctly identify the steadily growing number of known genetic alterations in tumors to make the best possible treatment decisions.”

Prof. Dr. Christian Jackisch,
OncoNet Rhein-Main board member; chief physician at Sana Klinikum Offenbach

The OncoNet Rhein-Main network strives to offer cancer patients access to novel therapies via ongoing clinical studies. Matching patients and studies is challenging due to the increasing complexity and continually evolving landscape of molecular data in oncology.

As a regionally networked partner of the Rhein-Main area, Molecular Health supports therapy decisions by clinicians and pathologists with the structured processing and interpretation of next-generations sequencing (NGS) tumor profiles. Partners of OncoNet Rhein- Main receive onsite training to incorporate MH Guide into their translation of molecular data into practicable treatment decisions.

Patient benefit
The coverage in MH Guide of latest research findings, treatment recommendations, and ongoing clinical trials offer healthcare providers of the OncoNet Rhein-Main a rapid and accurate overview of approved and investigational therapy options. With detailed information about detected variants, all stakeholders can engage in multidisciplinary discussions to identify the best path for a patient based on a shared understanding of NGS data and, thus, offer patients individualized care.

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