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One of the greatest challenges of practicing medicine is to incorporate the rapidly-increasing amount of medical and molecular knowledge into patient care. Every day, the volume of available clinical and molecular data increases, and it is humanly impossible to survey all of this information.

As a result, it often takes too long for current medical knowledge to reach patients in the form of treatment decisions or medications.

A 10-year head start

Dataome is one of the world’s largest knowledge platforms for biomedical information. The technology continuously records information from a variety of medical and molecular biological data sources with billions of data points.

“With Dataome, we have perfected the processes of recording, linking, and structuring the clinical and molecular knowledge available worldwide, making it available for medical applications of various kinds.” 

PhD Stephan Brock
Chief Technology Officer

Data science built on artificial intelligence

Dataome was designed to intelligently process the growing amounts of medical and molecular biological knowledge, in order to enable medical progress. The technology links and structures clinical and molecular data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

In addition, medical and data science experts review and curate the processed information. As a result, the Dataome knowledge platform offers a unique, high level of data quality. This helps improve the understanding of diseases, enhance patient care, and make drug development more efficient.

PhD Sonia Vivas
Head of Biomedical Data Analytics

“Dataome is the foundation of all our solutions. As a company, our core competence is our ability to record, structure, and integrate different types of data and connect them in a way that greatly expands analytical capabilities.”

Dataome technology and proven applications for successful precision medicine

Dataome makes precision medicine possible

“The union of IT and molecular biology will produce some of the greatest medical advances of the coming years. Molecular Health, with Dataome, is pioneering this field with unique software solutions that make better medicine possible.”

PhD Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach
Chief Executive Officer

For solid and ​ hematologic cancers​

The comprehensive application for automated interpretation of NGS data from any kind of solid or hematologic cancer
MH Guide quickly and accurately identifies and interprets genetic variants in cancer. The MH Guide report helps treatment providers choose therapy options and clinical trials that match the cancer patient’s molecular profile.
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For hereditary cancers​

Comprehensive applications for automated interpretation of NGS data from hereditary cancers
Our applications support you in identifying clinically-significant germline variants associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC), or other hereditary cancers.
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Privacy and safety are top priorities

Content from Dataome is used by Molecular Health software solutions in areas where personal data protection and patient safety are particularly important. For this reason, we have not made any compromises in developing our products. Our software applications and servers meet the strictest safety requirements and employ the most advanced encryption standards. In addition, rigorous risk- and quality-management routines, and regular training of our employees, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

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