We make knowledge usable. For physicians, patients, and companies.

The future of medicine is hybrid. Human discernment will continue to be essential for patient care and drug development in the coming decades. However, it will be increasingly supported by technical systems and artificial intelligence that can record, structure, and link the growing volume of medical information. A collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence applications is already leading medicine into one of the largest paradigm shifts, thanks in part to Molecular Health solutions.

“As a pioneer in realizing precision medicine, we work to ensure that available clinical and molecular knowledge becomes accessible and usable for patient care. This makes us the ideal partner for innovative physicians, researchers, and developers.” 

PhD Friedrich von Bohlen und Halbach
Chief Executive Officer


We focus on patients.

Everything we do aims to improve patient care in the long term.

We deliver usable results.

Our solutions’ functionality and quality give our customers significant benefits.

We promote innovation.

By continuously integrating current health issues and patient needs into product development, we develop our solutions in a targeted way.

Our products and services are as diverse as our employees.

We know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our company succeed, so we focus on diversity in our workforce and in our teams.

Dataome - One of the largest learning biomedical databases in the world.

Corporate Oncology Program for Employees

A cancer diagnosis changes a person’s whole life – privately as well as professionally. It presents a huge challenge to everyone. This also impacts every company, since employees are the most valuable assets …

Invest in precision medicine

Molecular Health is a privately-held company funded by dievini Hopp Biotech holding GmbH & Co. KG, an investment holding of the founder and former CEO of SAP, Dietmar Hopp. Dievini Hopp BioTech invests in life sciences and healthcare companies, including CureVac based in Tübingen, Germany.

Investments focus on companies in precision medicine that are developing innovative therapeutic and diagnostic methods and have the potential to enable completely new forms of treatment.

The main indications are oncology, neurology, infectious diseases, cell therapy, and improved drug formulation. The geographic focus of Dievini Hopp BioTech’s investments is Germany and Europe. Companies are supported in setting up and implementing their global development and marketing.


Working together for new directions in patient care

Management team

Friedrich von
Bohlen und Halbach, PhD
Chief Executive Officer


Stephan Brock, PhD
Chief Technology Officer
Head of Business Unit AI Pharma Solutions


Burkhard Piper

Burkhard G. Piper
Member of the Executive Team
Head of Finance & Administration


Dr Jochen Theis

Jochen Theis, MD PhD
Acting Chief Medical Officer


Matthias Kopf, PhD
SVP, Head of Business Unit
Clinical Decision Support


Niels Bojunga, PhD
SVP, Head of Quality Management


Dr Josef Hermanns

Josef Hermanns, PhD
SVP, Head of Project Management


Thorsten Vogt
SVP, Head of Human Resources


Your contacts

Stephan Hettich
SVP, Business Development MH


Marc Rauschendorf

Marc-Alexander Rauschendorf, PhD
Head of Medical Affairs & Marketing CDS



Lenka Kyjacova, PhD
Head of Customer Success




Lenka Kyjakova, PhD
Head of Customer Success


Anthony Caruso
SVP, Head of Client Services, USA


Michael Ghaffar
General Counsel



Melanie Baumhoegger
Head of Finance


Alena Blank-Giwojna

Alena Blank-Giwojna, PhD
Manager Business Development AI Pharma Solutions


Supervisory board

Christof Hettich, PhD
Lawyer and Partner at RITTERSHAUS Rechtsanwälte


Mathias HothumPhD
Owner of HMM-Consulting


Alexander SchuthPhD
Co-founder and COO of Denali Therapeutics



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