Act beyond human and experimental limitations

Knowledge to advance game-changing therapies from idea to market

The world's biomedical knowledge at your fingertips

Reliable predictions to anticipate risks. Interlinked data to find new targets and design novel drugs. Real-world evidence to evaluate success. These capabilities eliminate the uncertainties that limit drug development but are data-intensive and experimentally inaccessible.

Molecular Health Dataome Technology offers powerful solutions to transform drug development. By merging world-class biomedical data, AI-powered analytics, and subject matter expertise, we deliver insights that go beyond human and experimental limitations.

Analytical power meets comprehensive and connected data

Accelerate drug development and reduce costs by exploring in depth the complete data and information landscape around your product.

• Understand the biology of complex disease and identify better target-disease relationships

• Investigate molecular disease subtypes to identify and address responder patient populations

• Reveal new promising targets for the development of novel therapies

• Augment the value of pipeline drug candidates and portfolio drugs

• Optimize clinical trial structure, size, and relevant study cohorts

• Anticipate risks and mitigate failure of candidates at clinical stage

Where Dataome Technology
creates value in drug development

Eliminate bottlenecks in drug development and create new opportunities to expand the uses of
approved drugs or drug candidates.

How Dataome Technology generates new knowledge

Through proprietary text-mining and integration of data from multiple global sources, Dataome Technology assimilates and structures an unparalleled body of information that is then organized into a highly interconnected knowledgebase of expert-curated quality. Those data can then be interrogated via a unique portfolio of analytical technologies and AI methods.


What makes Dataome Technology unique

Proprietary data capture and structure creates an unmatched and evolving knowledge base

In-house curation by biomedical experts to link and deliver otherwise inaccessible data

Stringent data quality assurance via highly standardized data capture and assimilation

Tailored design of in silico disease models to connect drug therapies to patient outcomes


Disease agnostic knowledge base with in-depth focus on CNS diseases and oncology

Access to real-world data from millions of patients to generate and validate relevant hypotheses

An extended, powerful portfolio of advanced analytical and AI technologies

Extensive quality certifications and medical device approval

Proven and published [1–3] track record of successful projects with industry, academia and regulators

AI Pharma Features

Dataome Technology facilitates
evidence-based decisions

The right collaboration for success

Every project is unique. With flexible technology and an agile team, our partnership fits to your vision.

Fee for service

Leverage Dataome Technology to answer project-specific clinical and scientific questions.



Engage via a custom licensing agreement to jointly develop new drugs, new disease models, new clinical trials and the ensuing novel intellectual property.

Adoption &

License or buy out targets as well as programs after careful assessment using Dataome Technology.

[1] Nat Rev Clin Oncol. 2011; 8:735. PMID 21989071
[2] Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2021; 109:1232. PMID: 33090463
[3] Cancer Cell. 2015 Nov 9;28(5):610-22. PMID: 26481148

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