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Nearly one in three newly-developed compounds fails during Phase II or Phase III testing due to disappointing efficacy data or subsequent safety concerns. As a result, they are not launched or have to be withdrawn from the market.

MH Effect provides researchers and drug manufacturers with the molecular basis for effectively developing new drugs and making optimum use of already available drugs.

Better understand and predict modes of action and interactions

MH Effect supports drug development by analyzing comprehensive molecular, drug-related, and real-world clinical patient data. This allows users to assess which signaling pathways an agent affects, and what side effects and interactions can be expected, based on comparisons with known agents.

For known active ingredients, efficacy and safety can be identified in further applications. This way, the portfolio of available therapeutic options for patient care can be expanded.

Benefits of drug development with MH Effect

More effective therapeutic concepts
MH Effect analyzes potential drug-drug interactions to identify and avoid possible interactions or efficacy limitations of the main active ingredient caused by potential concomitant medications.

Greater safety
MH Effect can explain observed side effects of drugs at the molecular level and transfer this knowledge to related substance classes. This enables potential safety risks to be taken into account at an early stage in drug development or to be accurately assessed (before or after approval).

Identify risk groups
MH Effect can identify patient subgroups that are not eligible for a particular drug. This way, the technology supports the pharmaceutical industry in targeted trial planning and helps authorities make approval decisions.

Full potential
MH Effect can help open up new areas of application for existing drugs. Researchers can test whether the individual molecular mechanisms of an approved active ingredient also influence other disease-relevant molecules in other indications. This allows manufacturers to exploit the full potential of their innovations for the care of as many patients as possible.

Research project with the FDA

MH Effect can be used in numerous areas of drug research and development. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is collaborating with Molecular Health on a research project to assess and predict potential drug safety risks.

PhD David Jackson
Chief Innovation Officer

“MH Effect provides access to more than 12 million real-world patient records with information on mode of action and adverse effects. Researchers, regulatory authorities, and pharmaceutical companies thus have unique insights into medical cause-effect relationships. This opens up a whole new dimension for developing effective and safe medications.” 

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MH Predict supports investment decisions in research and development through an AI-based prognosis of the success of pharmaceutical studies.

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A leap in knowledge for successful research

Molecular Health creates complex disease models for you, identifies possible target structures for drug development, and evaluates indications for new and existing drugs.

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"MH Effect reliably evaluates the safety and efficacy of new and existing drugs, making it the ideal tool for researchers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and regulatory authorities. MH Effect lets you check drug-drug interactions at the molecular level, which significantly supports the development of safe and effective pharmaceuticals. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements in a personal meeting."

PhD Matthias Kopf
Head of Product Management


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