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The development of a medical innovation often begins with a hunch: a hint in the existing literature, chance observations in your own laboratory, or results from ongoing or third-party trials can raise hopes of an important discovery. This is followed by elaborate research projects that are cost-intensive, but in many cases do not produce the desired results.

With its consulting service MH Insilico, Molecular Health helps researchers, drug manufacturers, and biotech companies set up and evaluate research programs in a targeted manner, paving the way for promising findings and results at an early stage.

“With our MH Insilico service, we support our customers as a sparring partner. Our goal is to enable the research of diseases and new drugs without detours – so we create the knowledge base needed for this.” 

MD PhD Christian Meisel
Chief Medical Officer

Your compass for developing new therapies

MH Insilico serves as compass for research and development of diseases and the development of new therapies
A team of specialists (from medicine, bioinformatics, and data science) structures, links, and analyzes existing data on your research question. This creates a meaningful knowledge base for the specific direction of research projects and can answer important questions before the empirical survey begins:

  • What evidence is already available on the research question, and how can the current state of knowledge be mapped? 
  • Does the existing data support a planned research project?
  • What research hypotheses can be derived from the existing knowledge?

In addition, the MH Insilico analysis provides important hints that contribute to the understanding of diseases and drug-drug interactions:

  • Which pathways and targets play what role in a disease (disease modeling)?
  • Which pathways and targets are potentially suitable as targets for new therapies?
  • Might active substances be effective for other indications?
  • Can concomitant medications limit side effects or improve the efficacy of an active ingredient?

360° research for targeted results

Collecting, structuring, and analyzing – this triad makes data a valuable source of knowledge for research. Using innovative Molecular Health technologies, MH Insilico experts are able to collect and link information from a wide variety of sources:

  • Data from Dataome, one of the largest “learning” knowledge bases for biomedical information, drug data and real-world patient data
  • Current published literature on a topic area
  • Clinical databases, expression databases, and other biomedical and biomolecular knowledge sources on genetic variants, proteins, and drug-drug interactions
  • Data provided by the customer

New options for tuberculosis: Our collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

With 10.4 million new cases and 1.7 million deaths in 2016 (WHO), tuberculosis remains one of the most dangerous and deadly diseases in the world. Tuberculosis is fundamentally treatable, but treatment is extremely complex. Resistance of the tuberculosis bacteria or lack of therapy adherence among those affected complicate the fight against the infectious disease, which leads to death particularly frequently in patients with pre-existing conditions and in developing countries.

The goal of a collaboration between the Molecular Health Insilico team and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was to identify alternative therapeutic options for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Crucial insights thanks to Dataome

Using the Dataome database, the MH Insilico team conducted a comprehensive analysis to assess the suitability of approved agents for treatment in tuberculosis. This involved linking and analyzing a wide variety of data:

  • Molecular data on known genes, proteins, signaling pathways
  • Data on active ingredients: side effects, drug-drug interactions
  • Disease data: relevant targets and signaling pathways, disease models
  • Real-world data: outcome data, response rates, adverse event reports

The evaluation aimed to identify proteins involved in cancer, immunity, and host-myobacterium interactions. Based on this, potential treatment targets were prioritized and agents potentially effective in the treatment of tuberculosis were identified. The knowledge gained from this pilot project can be used to prioritize translational trials in animal models or in patients. MH Insilico has thus laid the foundation for further targeted research on treatment for tuberculosis.

PhD Sandra Morandell-Eberl
Senior Project Manager

“Our MH Insilico service has proven itself in a number of research projects, helping to produce fundamental knowledge about diseases and therapies. This paves the way for further promising research. We would be happy to develop solutions for your challenges, too. Just contact us.” 

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