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Solid clinical decisions require globally connected biomedical knowledge

Biomedical data generated around the world plays a key role in understanding the biology of disease, but its sheer volume and breadth makes connecting relevant knowledge challenging. This is where Molecular Health software applications and services excel. We design and maintain solutions for the clinical annotation of genetic variants to support molecular pathologists, oncologists, and other medical professionals in making precision medicine a reality for every patient. By mapping the molecular profile of a patient’s tumor or germline to the world’s biomedical knowledge, our solutions identify evidence-based and patient-specific treatment options, risk factors, and clinical trial eligibility.

From sequencing data to patient report – in just minutes

MH Guide quickly and accurately identifies and interprets genetic variants in tumors. The MH Guide report helps treatment providers choose therapy options and clinical trials that match the cancer patient’s molecular profile. MH Guide is an IVD medical device approved in the EU.

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Software-assisted analysis of predisposition to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC)

MH Guide/BRCA supports human geneticists in identifying clinically-significant germline variants associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC). This involves automated NGS-based analysis of BRCA1/2 and other HBOC-related genes.

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The automated analysis of hereditary diseases

MH Guide/Mendel helps human geneticists evaluate NGS-based analyses by automatically identifying clinically-significant genetic variants for hereditary diseases.

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