Translating comprehensive genomic profiling into action
MH Guide enables evidence-based clinical decisions

Consolidated biomedical knowledge to interpret comprehensive genomic profiling

Comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) is a transformative approach to inform oncology decisions. Numerous cancer biomarkers are assessed simultaneously to identify patient-specific treatment options, risk factors, and clinical trial eligibility. A pivotal step in CGP is mapping the tumor or germline profile of a cancer patient against the world’s biomedical knowledge. The sheer volume and complexity of relevant data makes this process challenging.

MH Guide is a tertiary analysis solution that automates the annotation of genetic variants to accurately interpret CGP results and hereditary cancer analyses. Evidence-based therapy options are clearly laid out, so treatment for every case is based on optimally informed decision support.

For solid and ​ hematologic cancers​

The comprehensive application for automated interpretation of NGS data from any kind of solid or hematologic cancer
MH Guide quickly and accurately identifies and interprets genetic variants in cancer. The MH Guide report helps treatment providers choose therapy options and clinical trials that match the cancer patient’s molecular profile.
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For hereditary cancers​

Comprehensive applications for automated interpretation of NGS data from hereditary cancers
Our applications support you in identifying clinically-significant germline variants associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (HBOC), or other hereditary cancers.
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