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Benefit from AI and ML

MH Predict supports R&D investment decisions by providing AI-based prediction of pharmaceutical trial success. Using comprehensive clinical, molecular and drug-related data, trials can be simulated prospectively and retrospectively. MH Predict thus supports R&D portfolio management, and enables efficient use of development resources by increasing clinical trial success rates.

MH Predict: Controlling risks in drug development

The average cost of bringing a drug to market has risen to an average of $2.6 billion, because, out of every 12 trial projects begun, only one is successful. MH Predict is a software solution that helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies control risks in drug research and development and plan clinical trial programs in an efficient way, making the best possible use of resources. Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the application helps to estimate the probability of success, identify critical parameters, and take these into account when planning the trial.

Harnessing Big Data for R&D

With MH Predict, Molecular Health offers drug manufacturers a sophisticated platform that makes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) usable for the successful planning of new clinical trials and the retrospective evaluation of completed projects. MH Predict leverages
Dataome technology, one of the world’s largest knowledge platforms for molecular and biomedical data that accesses millions of clinical and molecular data points.

As a result, MH Predict is able to link the properties of a drug with clinical trial parameters and make a prediction about likely trial success based on existing evidence. The meaningful use of Big Data in drug development thus becomes possible.

Optimizing trial success with MH Predict

MH Predict offers the following options for simulating and optimizing the results of projects:

Prediction of study success

MH Predict calculates the probability of technical success of clinical studies on the basis of the defined study program.

Reliability diagram

MH Predict compares its calculations and predictions with data on already completed studies in order to to substantiate the reliability of the forecasts.


MH Predict simulates the effect of individual characteristics in the
study setting and weights their significance for the success of the study. Additional
detailed analyses can be carried out on request by MH.

Experienced team of experts 

Our team from the fields of research, data science, molecular biology, and bioinformatics is available to you for the implementation of your projects.

With MH Predict, you can receive comprehensive consultancy services to set your projects up in a way that promises success right from the start.

MH Predict calculates the probability of success for clinical studies
with detailed information in the intuitive user interface.

Using MH Predict, you can identify the success critical characteristics in your study program
and estimate their influence on the course of the study.


Drug development and clinical trials are lengthy and costly. The average cost of bringing a drug to market has risen to $2.6 billion, according to 2016 analysis by DiMasi and colleagues at Tufts University, largely due to a turnover rate of 11 failed projects for every successful one. MH Predict offers the opportunity to improve this process.

With the MH Predict software application, Molecular Health can help pharmaceutical and biotech companies increase the success rate of clinical trial programs. MH Predict makes it possible to forecast clinical trial success; it identifies success and failure factors even before the data collection begins. This lets companies develop pharmaceuticals efficiently, making the best possible use of resources.

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