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Hereditary disease analysis

MH Mendel supports human geneticists to identify clinically significant genetic variants and create a diagnostic report for individual patients. MH Mendel is part of the Molecular Health Guide (MH Guide) solution which is an IVD registered in the EU.

Accelerate the assessment of germline variants

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MH Mendel is a hereditary disease diagnostic support software for clinical labs, molecular pathologists and molecular geneticists. The application analyzes complex genetic data from a patient’s sample and matches the results to knowledge in Molecular Health’s integrated databases and world-standard reference sources. Variants identified as relevant for a diagnosis are pre- classified so that medical professionals can generate standardized diagnostic reports, efficiently and accurately.

Approved for clinical use

MH Mendel is part of MH Guide which is registered as an IVD medical device in the EU. MH Mendel is subject to a stringent quality process, so you can rely with confidence on the results.

Certified dry-lab

Molecular Health has been CAP- and CLIA-certified since 2016, the first international bioinformatics dry laboratory to achieve this milestone.

Automatic variant classification

Benefit from automated variant pre-classification using standard ACMG terminology to focus on relevant information at a glance.

Unlock knowledge at the genomic level 

View genotype-phenotype correlations 

Extendable knowledge base

Grow your organization’s knowledge base, as variant classifications are added with every case and immediately available for all colleagues.

Flexible report generation 

Generate a diagnostic report using a well-designed standardized template in just a few clicks. If wished, refine the report contents, include additional test results, and type an interpretation. Report layouts are customizable on request to suit the customers’ needs.

Increase report creation speed

Gene and variant filters can help medical professionals to identify disease-related variants faster.

Easy to integrate

Integrate the analysis smoothly into existing processes: MH Mendel’s flexible interface can analyze a range of standard sequencing data formats.

Consultation with colleagues

Easily share a case with a colleague to get a second opinion.

Convenient ordering process

Benefit from MH’s user-friendly ordering application, MH Order portal, for ordering analyses, uploading NGS data, and tracking orders.

World-class knowledge database

MH gathers and structures information from multiple external sources, so users can access regularly updated information on population frequencies, functional impact predictions, variant classifications, and variant-disease correlation.

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For clinical use

MH Mendel is a subcomponent of the IVD medical device MH Guide in Europe (according to Directive 98/79/EC).

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The application is provided as a Software as a Service (SaaS). A standard PC with internet access is sufficient.

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Certified operational quality

Molecular Health’s quality management system is ISO 13485 and MDSAP certified and CLIA/CAP accredited.

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Data storage

Secure, encrypted storage of patient data with controlled access using user private keys.


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Secure data transmission

Secure transmission of patient data using advanced encryption standards (SSL/TLS, AES-256).

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Scalable IT infrastructure to suit a range of customers, from smaller units to high throughput organizations.

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Flexible input and output formats

Input formats: choose from VCF, FASTQ or BAM. Output formats: PDF, json, or XML.

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Guaranteed patient data security

MH Mendel meets the requirements of HIPAA in the US and the GDPR in Europe as well as the GenDG in Germany.

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Ethnicity-specific genome analysis pipeline

Sequencing alignment using ancestry- or ethnicity-specific reference genomes.

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Expand your knowledge base

Start building a knowledge base for your organization by storing your variant classifications in MH Mendel and make these available to your organization.

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