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Molecular Health is a pioneer in application-oriented in-silico medicine. Our software solutions and services make it possible to convert Big Data into evidence-based, medically actionable results for healthcare stakeholders. Molecular pathologists, human geneticists, attending physicians, and patients receive better information on diagnoses and treatment options. By optimizing clinical trials with our in-silico applications, we also help pharmaceutical and biotech companies develop drugs more efficiently.

For physicians

Molecular genetic information about cancer or  predispositions can be the key to more effective and tolerable therapies for your patients. Make evidence-based decisions using software-assisted molecular and genetic diagnoses and take full advantage of precision medicine.
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For laboratories

Big Data analytics for labs: Benefit from our rapid, customizable software applications that enable clinical annotations of large NGS datasets in comparison with current medical knowledge.
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For pharma/biotech companies

Increase your chances of launching successful pharmaceuticals. We combine molecular data, expertise in AI strategies, and the world-class biomedical knowledge of our database to help you uncover novel targets, expand indications, assess the probable outcomes of clinical trials, and manage risk in drug research and development.
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For employers

Oncology care in Germany is outstanding, but not all patients benefit from the available diagnostic and therapeutic options. With our Corporate Oncology Program for Employees (COPE), companies have the opportunity to give their impacted employees straightforward access to comprehensive NGS tumor diagnostics and MH Guide evaluation, as part of an occupational health management program.
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