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The software solutions and services developed by Molecular Health can help you reduce the risks associated with drug development. This lets you achieve promising results faster while making the best possible use of resources.

Modern drug development already employs artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning (ML) or neural networks, using clinical and molecular data to gain insights into drugs, diseases, and effects. There is enormous potential in this, but it also poses methodological challenges:

  • AI applied to clinical data requires complex, high-quality integration of different data types that typically do not appear linked in existing sources.
  • The predictive power of AI is well established for linear, repetitive patterns, but biomedical data has more complex and diffuse characteristics.
  • Clinical data is often incomplete and variable. Human intervention by highly-specialized medical experts is still required to assess which techniques provide the most useful and accurate interpretations.

To address these challenges, we have developed several software solutions and services based on our proprietary Dataome technology.

Dataome – one of the largest biomedical databases in the world

The foundation of our software applications and services is Dataome technology, developed and built by Molecular Health over more than a decade. Dataome is one of the largest digital platforms for biomedical information, structuring and updating millions of molecular and clinical data points. As a result, it makes the world’s biomedical knowledge, which is growing daily, accessible for successful drug development.

Celebrate successes more often – how you benefit from collaboration

Molecular Health helps you to better control the uncertainties of drug development. We reduce your risks and boost your success rate.

Clean data

To gain the insights you seek, you need data that is comprehensive, clean, curated, structured, integrated, and analytics-ready.

Molecular Health’s Dataome technology and expertise give you everything you need.

More successful trials

Clinical trials can fail for many reasons. Molecular Health can help you identify which molecules are least likely to pose safety risks or lack efficacy for specific patient profiles.

In addition, you can improve R&D success through a more informed trial design.

Higher acceptance

Even after regulatory approval, proof of your drug’s benefit is of utmost importance to physicians, payers, and investors.

Molecular Health can help identify and validate biomarkers and comparative outcomes, using Dataome to analyze data from everyday treatment.

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“Yes, we offer digital solutions that increase the success rate of your clinical trials. But that’s not all. Our experts in various areas (research, data science, molecular biology, and bioinformatics) can work with you to develop and run software-supported trial programs. We look forward to assisting you.” 

Dr Jochen Theis

Jochen Theis, MD PhD
Acting Chief Medical Officer
Head of Business Unit AI Pharma Solutions


A team of specialists will discuss your project requirements and provide you with the best possible advice on implementation. We will develop the procedure together with you and create an individual project plan.

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