MH Guide 5.0: Software for therapy planning in precision oncology now available with a comprehensive update

Heidelberg, September 30, 2021. Molecular Health has launched the latest version of its analysis software MH Guide. This software, which is used by pathology laboratories and molecular tumor boards, now has improved search capabilities to identify patient- relevant clinical studies. With the VCF Adapter Suite, Molecular Health also offers a conversion tool to easily integrate data from the most common NGS sequencing systems.

The current version of MH Guide contains an optimized search and filter function for identifying relevant clinical studies. This allows more cancer patients to access studies that are suitable for them.

The VCF Adapter Suite was introduced alongside MH Guide 5.0. This conversion tool enables a simple connection to common NGS analysis systems. Currently, the following data can be converted into an MH Guide-compatible format:

• Illumina (TSO500, TST170, AmpliSeq)
• ArcherDX
• Qiagen
• Thermo Fisher Oncomine
• AmoyDx

This facilitates individual conversions and supports integration into fully automated processes.

“Many molecular pathology laboratories are now using our software for patients, who can benefit from targeted therapy or participation in a clinical trial based on the comprehensive analysis of their tumor genome,” explains PD Dr. Christian Meisel, Chief Medical Officer of Molecular Health. “This means that the treatment spectrum can be expanded and affected people can be given options,” Meisel continues.

“We are continuously working on improvements to our software and will continue to accommodate the use requirements of molecular tumor boards in further updates of MH Guide. Our goal is to provide the best possible information for evidence-based therapy decisions at all times,” explains Dr. Matthias Kopf, Head of Product Management at Molecular Health.

MH Guide is a browser-based software that is used in therapy planning for cancer patients. The software enables the automatic analysis of molecular data obtained using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and provides treating physicians with an evidence-based report for personalized therapy approaches. This report contains information on potentially effective targeted and immuno-oncological therapies and on ongoing clinical studies for which the patient is eligible. With the current software update (MH Guide 5.0), Molecular Health has made an improved version of the application available since September 1, 2021.

MH Guide is a proprietary technology from Molecular Health, an internationally active biotech IT company in Heidelberg, Germany. The software compares sequence data from molecular testing with information from one of the world’s largest and growing knowledge platforms (Dataome). Thus, the tool enables molecular pathologists and practitioners to keep pace with rapidly expanding medical knowledge and use insights for the treatment of their patients. 

Users can access the current version of MH Guide via Interested parties can obtain further information on the

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