MH Guide 6.0: Next-level automation and precision in the clinical interpretation of cancer genomic profiling

Heidelberg, February 15, 2023 – Molecular Health has launched the latest version of its tertiary analysis solution for genomic profiling, MH Guide. The software is used by pathology laboratories and molecular tumor boards to automate annotation and clinical interpretation of increasingly complex genomic profiling in oncology.  

With this latest update, the comprehensive reports produced by MH Guide are further expanded with improved variant classification and more targeted matching of patient profiles to clinical trials. Furthermore, MH Guide 6.0 now supports data from reference genome GRCh38/hg38, in addition to the still widely used GRCh37/hg19. This current version of MH Guide also allows bulk case exports for the purpose of documentation, downstream analyses, or reporting to third parties.  

The update of MH Guide to version 6.0 represents a body of content and data processing improvements that capture feedback from our customers and address desired functionality and capabilities from our user workshops,” explains Dr. Matthias Kopf, VP, Head of Product Management at Molecular Health. “These updates expand adaptations made already in 2022 to incorporate user requests, such as the clear labeling of FDA versus EMA approvals, the streamlined display of HRD and MSI information, and inclusion of additional predictive scores.”  

Dr. Lenka Kyjacova, Head of Customer Success, adds that updates are designed to also ensure a seamless user experience. “A key aspect of providing the best possible information for evidence-based therapy decisions is to grant a transparent and unencumbered access experience. Thus, MH Guide 6.0 includes refined variant pre-classification rules that leave less manual fine-tuning for users to do, and it integrates the processing of data from the two most commonly used human reference genomes.” 

MH Guide is a browser-based software that is continually updated based on a development roadmap steered by user feedback, advances in data analytics, expansion of biomedical knowledge, and changes in the regulatory landscape. The current software update is available as of February 15, 2023. 

Users can access the current version of MH Guide via Interested parties can obtain further information from 

MH Guide is a proprietary technology from Molecular Health. The software compares next-generation sequencing data from molecular testing with information from one of the world’s largest and growing knowledge platforms (Dataome). Thus, the tool enables molecular pathologists and practitioners to  keep pace with rapidly expanding medical knowledge and use insights for the treatment of their patients.  

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