Molecular Health and Gen Era Diagnostics agree to collaborate in the field of precision oncology in Turkey

Heidelberg, 19. October 2021 – Molecular Health and the life science company Gen Era Diagnostics have signed a collaboration agreement to optimize the personalized treatment of patients with cancer. For this purpose, Gen Era will provide the MH Guide software platform to twenty laboratories in Turkey to use in the interpretation of tumor data.

“We are pleased to have Molecular Health on board in the near future as an experienced partner in precision medicine. With MH Guide, we can analyze and interpret molecular genetic data even faster and more comprehensively. This is an important addition to our service and product portfolio,” explains Damla Bozkulak, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Gen Era Diagnostics.

Gen Era Diagnostics is one of the leading product and service providers in the field of molecular diagnostics in Turkey. Founded in 2013, the company supports scientists, clinicians, and laboratories in the investigation of diseases and the treatment of patients. Gen Era’s offering includes solutions and services for molecular diagnostics in the fields of oncology, cardiology, and metabolic diseases, among others. In addition, the company offers services for the life sciences, including genomics, proteomics, and cell analyses.

“With MH Guide, doctors can manage the flood of data from molecular genetic testing and translate it into targeted therapy recommendations. We value the trust that Gen Era Diagnostics has placed in our technology and are convinced that patients in Turkey will benefit from it,” explains Thomas Holtrup, Senior Vice President, Head of Sales & Business Development, EMEA, at Molecular Health.

MH Guide is an analysis software for interpreting molecular data from cancer patients. It summarizes in a report the relevant genetic changes of a tumor that can be specifically addressed in individual patients either therapeutically or in clinical trials. In this way, treatment options can be expanded, especially for patients with metastatic disease.

About Gen Era Diagnostics:

Gen Era Diagnostics is a biotech company founded in 2013. It is one of the leading institutions in the fields of molecular diagnostics and life science research in Turkey. With its service and product portfolio, Gen Era Diagnostics supports scientists, clinics and laboratories in the research, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. This includes oncological indications, cardiology, hematology and rare genetic diseases. In addition, Gen Era supports research projects in the fields of genomics, proteomics and cell analysis and offers bioinformatics services for scientific institutions.

More information at  Gen Era Diagnostik

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