The potential of liquid biopsies for early cancer detection powered by ONCOCATCH and MH Guide

Molecular Health will join partner EONE-Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) in the EDGC seminar “Liquid biopsy for early detection of multiple cancers and Molecular Health GmbH introduction” on Wednesday, 13 October at 16:00–17:00 Korean Standard Time (GMT+9).

An international joint venture between EONE Laboratories and Diagnomics, EDGC develops novel genome analysis technologies to advance diagnostic capabilities in a broad range of diseases and over the lifetime of a patient. Their advanced tools in precision and personalized medicine include ONCOCATCH, an IVD service for cancer detection based on the analysis of circulating tumor DNA in liquid biopsies.

MH Guide from Molecular Health is an EU-registered IVD software that supports treatment decisions via expert annotation and interpretation of genomic data, including the analysis of liquid biopsies. By evaluating genomic data in the context of a comprehensive biomedical information landscape, MH Guide delivers up-to-date and easy-to-use information on clinically relevant biomarkers and clinical trials.

The joint seminar will discuss the unique advantages of coupling ONCOCATCH and MH Guide to evaluate cancer variants in blood for timely, evidence-based treatment decisions. Please join us for this informative presentation.

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