Data is big, but insights are bigger. A decade of deep data and knowledge engineering have made us uniquely able to integrate and connect the world’s clinical, molecular and real-world data, make it searchable, and deliver it in ways you can meaningfully use right now. With Molecular Health as your biomedicine insights partner, you have got the power to drive better outcomes.


Technologies like Next Generation Sequencing produce vast quantities of data, but the promise of molecular medicine will not be realized solely through data. It’s the human element that makes the difference. Our PhDs and MDs ensure the relevance of everything in our system, so you can explore the integrated overlap of multiple data types to arrive at a new conclusion. By identifying the right data and removing the noise, Molecular Health helps you optimize your actions, whether you are looking to treat a patient, recommend a therapy, or understand a drug/disease mechanism.




Labs & Clinicians — achieve personalized care
When a successful oncologist hypothesized a connection between stress and cancer recurrence, Molecular Health helped define the link between cancer and beta-adrenergic signaling. Today, these findings have not only improved our understanding of the relationship between stress and cancer growth, but have also allowed us to evolve new strategies to repurpose existing drugs. Learn More
Hospitals — enhance population care
Standardizing care around therapies with the highest level of efficacy and lowest likelihood of adverse side effects leads to better outcomes – and lower cost of care. Molecular Health works with hospitals to improve overall health of populations. Learn More
Pharma & Biotech — help predict drug outcomes
Predict real world outcomes before real world evidence is available. Enrich your clinical trial design based on clinico-molecular signals that explain and predict drug safety and efficacy. Identify and validate biomarkers, combinations and repurposing opportunities. Learn More
Regulators — discover safety concerns
Creating an accurate label can take years, as some side effects do not show up right away. But regulatory bodies can work with Molecular Health for guidance on potential side effect profiles for new drug submissions and identify safety issues with marketed drugs earlier. Learn More

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Insights for healthcare professionals who need them

Labs & Clinicians

Labs & Clinicians

Put more confidence behind patient decisions

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Hospitals & Research Institutions

Hospitals & Research Institutions

Optimize clinical practice and guidelines to improve care

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Pharma & Biotech

Pharma & Biotech

Improve drug outcome predictions

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Analyze and predict real-world outcomes

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Molecular Health signs up HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology as new U.S. customer for MH Guide

HudsonAlpha is a nonprofit institute dedicated to developing and applying scientific advances to health, agriculture, learning, and commercialization. MH Guide enables smarter patient care decisions based on deeper and broader biomedical information: Molecular pathologists and human geneticists can interpret genetic data derived from different technologies, such as next-generation sequencing, and create clinical reports that include drug information and variant classifications in minutes – easily, confidently, and accurately. HudsonAlpha plans to use MH Guide to elucidate detailed information on mutations found in patient tumor samples.

Friedrich von Bohlen - Why Dataome Video

The Why Behind Dataome™

Let Friedrich von Bohlen explain why and how Molecular Health approaches molecular medicine differently.