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MH Guide | Molecular Health

MH Guide™

Unlock Knowledge at the molecular level

MH Guide has revolutionized molecular genetic assay interpretation and reporting with an intuitive, step-by-step process that can be integrated into your current workflow to deliver valuable, actionable results. It includes expertly curated clinical information that can support and enhance oncology treatment decision making.

MH Guide is available in two powerful, easy-to-use applications

MH Guide Workbench Manager manages the process of reviewing and reporting molecular results. It provides intuitive clinical report generation with a white-labeled CAP/CLIA compliant template that seamlessly integrates into your current reporting workflow.

MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service (CAS) provides automated matching of Clinical Variant Information (CVI) content to customer-defined variants for quick and easy templatized reporting.

Both applications help guide clinicians to treatment decisions with CVIs curated by scientific and medical experts:

  • 4-eyes principle applied to scientific content creation
  • All CVI content reviewed by board-certified molecular pathologists and board-certified oncologists with expertise in precision medicine, and includes:
    • Narrative description of significance of mutation in patient’s disease context
    • Potentially effective and ineffective therapies based on mutations identified in patient’s disease context
    • Drugs with potential for adverse events based on pharmacogenomics markers uncovered
    • Relevant clinical trials based on mutations seen, enrolling for potentially effective therapies, provided based on proximity to patient
    • Relevant references for any claims made
  • Other relevant variant information from external data sets, including COSMIC, dbSNP, drug label information, NCCN information, among others allows users to create their own content knowledge base, based on their experience

MH Guide Workbench Manager

How MH Guide Workbench Manager works

A breakthrough in genomic data reporting every time you use it

Using basic clinical information and patient information (gender, tumor type, and variant data) in a variety of input file formats, MH Guide Workbench Manager accesses Molecular Health’s database of medically- and scientifically-curated, peer-reviewed and published evidence to generate a summary of potentially effective medications, potentially ineffective medications, and medications that may pose a higher risk of adverse reactions or be predictive for an increased risk for cancer progression. These annotations are provided within a seamless, linear workflow that allows the user to generate a quality clinical report with minimal effort.

A simple, intuitive interface

  1. Choose relevant variants and edit clinical evidence information with a click
  2. Generate reports with treatment options listed by biomarker validity and approval status
  3. List of relevant clinical trials based on patient’s biomarkers

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MH Guide Workbench Manager is the result of best clinical practices accumulated from years in the business:

MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service

How MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service works


Clinical Labs which are looking to give oncologists the highest quality annotations, including a more complete view of all available treatment options for their patients now have a powerful new tool. Simply upload your detected variants (in VCF or XML format) and instantly receive relevant clinical information that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.

  • Fully automated process
  • Cloud-based service
  • Fast – annotations delivered in as little as a few minutes
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A simple, intuitive process


Assemble variants in your choice of file formats


Upload to the MH cloud


Receive the highest-quality annotations in minutes

MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service is the result of best clinical practices accumulated from years in the business:

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Hospitals & Research Institutions

Optimize clinical practice and guidelines to improve care

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