Help develop the future of healthcare

As a biomedical insights partner across the healthcare ecosystem, Molecular Health is helping make better outcomes possible. But we can’t do it alone. We are looking for dedicated professionals with diverse experiences and perspectives to help us advance healthcare. Is that you?

More than a career — a calling

If you believe that trying to improve healthcare around the world is a worthy way to spend your time, you will love working at Molecular Health. Our unique take on how biomedical data can bring insights to people across the healthcare spectrum is helping push the boundaries of what is possible. With offices in Germany and the United States, we are already partnering with hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and regulators to influence how care is delivered in major patient centers – and every day brings the promise of more valuable alliances.

A meaningful role
Our software solutions are as smart as the people behind them. That is why we look for motivated employees with a wide range of expertise and experience. Join our team and let us work together to change the present and future of Digital Health.
Challenging assignments
Our vision is to expand the support evidence-based healthcare decisions beyond oncology, and eventually to all therapeutic areas. There is plenty to do – and be energized by. Let us find where our visions intersect and get you started.
Coworkers you can respect
Changing the future of healthcare requires a special kind of person. So you are likely to find everyone here is just as passionate, educated and driven to make a difference as you are. That helps make meetings lively – and the day pass quickly.

Sorry, there are currently no positions available. Please check back soon.