How Dataome™ Works

Bringing data to life

It is not enough to have data. It needs to be the right data. And it needs to be structured and curated in a way you can use it.

Technology to make a data-driven difference

As medical data approaches the brontobyte level (1027 bytes), healthcare has evolved into an information science full of opportunity. But bringing all this data to life is a real challenge. To address it, we developed the Dataome technology platform. Dataome empowers the capture and transformation of clinical and molecular data into real-life applications for clinical discovery and superior decision-making. Designed and developed for over a decade, the technology is composed of three essential innovations:

  • • Dataome Capture – the technologies that capture, curate and integrate global biomedical data
  • • Dataome Knowledgebase – the global evidence-base of clinico-molecular data and knowledge
  • • Dataome Analytics – the delivery of evidence-based decision support and discovery for the healthcare industry

Dataome Capture – finding useful data

Helping fuel actionable insights starts with Dataome Capture technologies that harvest structured and unstructured clinico-molecular data from globally available public and commercial data sources. Using a proprietary text-mining technology (TREX), with both natural language processing and entity dictionaries, we build novel proprietary databases from the captured data. The quality and relevance of our data are assured through a proprietary knowledge curation infrastructure that requires experts to validate the accuracy and utility of data. To keep Dataome up to date, structured data are also captured in constant update cycles using automated ETL processes.

Our “Four eyes’ Biomarker review process shows how data capture technology is applied

Dataome Knowledgebase – consolidating quality data

Once captured and quality assured, data are integrated into our Dataome Knowledgebase. This precision medicine data warehouse includes clinical outcomes data for millions of individual patients – structured and referenced to globally available molecular data and knowledge. But true insight demands more than just data, it takes the right data. Dataome achieves this by capturing and providing access to data of unsurpassed quality, quantity, diversity, novelty, actuality security and utility. By assimilating and enhancing data with a focus on these parameters, Dataome provides the synergies required to make a data-driven difference in clinical discovery and patient care.

Dataome Technology Diagram

The 7 attributes of Dataome

Dataome Analytics – bringing data to life

Dataome Analytics applications, such as MH Guide™ and MH Effect™, leverage our unique source of clinico-molecular outcomes data to deliver evidence-based decision support for treating physicians, and discovery solutions for clinical researchers. Discovery, hypothesis generation and evidence-based decision making are expedited through in-memory database technology, which enables real-time analytics and seamless integration of AI and machine learning algorithms. With these hands-on tools, your system can interface with Dataome technology to develop business-critical analytics that can transform the value of your data to drive success.

Integrating insight has never been easier

Over the last decade, Dataome has grown to become one of the largest globally available resources of clinico-molecular data and knowledge. From millions of patient lives to hundreds of billions of molecular data points, it provides a single-point of access to the worlds biomedical knowledge through our decision support applications.

MH Guide Workbench Manager

MH Guide Workbench Manager

MH Guide Workbench Manager has revolutionized molecular genetic assay interpretation and reporting with an intuitive, step-by-step process that can be integrated into your current workflow to deliver valuable, actionable results. It includes expertly curated clinical information that can support and enhance oncology treatment decisions.

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MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service

MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service

MH Guide Clinical Annotation Service provides medically-curated, clinically-significant, and disease-specific annotations easily and accurately – in seconds – with an automated cloud-based service.

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Molecular Health <br>Effect

Molecular Health

Analyze real-world drug safety data for millions of patients combined with molecular knowledge, to identify and predict safety concerns and novel clinical opportunities for new and approved drugs.

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Custom Solution & <em>in silico</em> Projects

Custom Solution & in silico Projects

For hospitals trying to make the best patient care decisions, we can create an interface that streamlines your workflow and delivers critical clinical and molecular insights. For biopharma, we can help with in silico science projects for better, faster insights into drug discovery, development and commercialization.

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