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All medical information on these pages shall be confirmed with your treating physician.


With „best medication“, we mean the „best fitting medication based on the tumor molecular profile“. The best medication for an individual patient shall be discussed with the treating physician and may differ from patient to patient, to take each patient‘s general medical condition into account.


„MH Guide“ is a clinical decision software for use by medical professionals, and in that sense it supports professionals in their decision process.

Whenever we talk about the „effective“ drug, we mean the „likely effective drug“, as different patients may react differently. The domain of medicine is based on experience, experiments, observation and statistics; in this sense we believe that the evidence given in MH Guide is a first-class source to support professionals in making treatment decisions tailored to an individual patient. 


MH Guide with its subcomponents MH Mendel and MH BRCA is a CE-marked IVD in Europe. Some features, such as the MH Variant Detection Pipeline for the identification of genetic variations from NGS data, may not be offered for clinical use in markets outside of the EU.