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The world’s medical data: integrated, cleaned and curated

Turn insight into action. At the center of insight is

MOLECULAR HEALTH DATAOME, bringing evidence-based personalized treatment decisions to patients and helping the pharmaceutical industry to find new drugs.

DATAOME TECHNOLOGY is based on the quality-controlled capture, integration, and analysis of clinical and molecular knowledge using the latest AI/ML procedures.

By connecting real-world patient outcome data to state-of-the-art clinical and molecular knowledge,

MOLECULAR HEALTH DATAOME provides an unparalleled evidence base. Our products for the healthcare industry are built on DATAOME TECHNOLOGY.

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MH Predict Logo MH Guide Logo MH Mendel Logo MH BRCA Logo

Capture and quality assurance
of global data and knowledge about interventions, outcomes and molecular mechanisms.

Integrates and contextualizes
the world‘s clinico-molecular evidence data into knowledge.
It powers our precision medicine analytics.

Precision analytics
empowering evidence-driven decision support for treatment decisions and drug development.

Our DATAOME TECHNOLOGY platform mines and structures billions of evidence-based molecular and clinical data points of drugs, genes, diseases, phenotypes, outcomes, and molecular mechanisms. Healthcare professionals can tap into this combined knowledge, drawn from the world’s expert biomedical databases, from medical guidelines, and publicly available literature in biology and medicine.

Our DATAOME TECHNOLOGY platform provides fast clinico-molecular data interpretation that has relevance across the healthcare industry – from anticipating patient drug response, to identifying personalized treatment options for patients, to predicting drug toxicity and side effects based on genomic and molecular evidence.



Our rich software applications and products use MOLECULAR HEALTH DATAOME data for specific use scenarios for drug development, medical treatments, and phenotype diagnosis by the pharmaceutical industry, clinics, and labs.

Research projects for individual customers also use Dataome data and associated techniques to create novel findings.


Gaining insights has never been easier

Over the last decade, the MOLECULAR HEALTH DATAOME platform has grown to become one of the largest globally available resources of clinico-molecular data and knowledge. From millions of patient lives to hundreds of billions of molecular data points, it provides a single-point of access to the worlds biomedical knowledge through our decision support applications.


Molecular Health Guide (MH Guide) identifies safe and effective medication for cancer patients by analyzing the cancer’s molecular profile. It matches detected tumor mutations to the world’s knowledge in the field of oncology and helps medical experts to create a patient-specific clinical report with treatment recommendations.



Molecular Health Guide Mendel (MH Mendel) supports human geneticists in diagnosing hereditary diseases and creating diagnostic reports for individuals. The germline data analysis follows official genetic guidelines and uses the latest, world known ACMG variant classification criteria.



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Molecular Health Guide BRCA (MH BRCA) supports medical professionals in identifying and reporting clinically significant germline variants for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  It creates individual patient reports based on NGS data from BRCA1/BRCA2 and other associated genes following official genetic guidelines. 


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Molecular Health Predict (MH Predict) is an application to predict clinical trials probabilities of success. It enables the improvement of clinical trial success and reduces clinical trial failure while optimizing resource allocation for the biopharma industry and investors and enhancing the overall efficiency of drug development.



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