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Finding the right medicine

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Our software products offer your treating physician or human geneticist a unique way to find the right medication for your cancer or any kind of disease predisposition.

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Clinicians & Hospitals

You can base your cancer treatment decisions on molecular-biological facts and existing medical guidelines and so become a Precision Medicine Center of Excellence. Improve clinical outcomes continuously with better insights for informed decision-making – while saving costs.  

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Labs use our software products to systematically detect and interpret genomic variants and help their clients to link variant information to cancer drugs and disease predispositions. Improve your Lab services for Hospitals by providing professional reports up to the drug level and save costs using the built-in knowledge bases. 

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Pharma & Biotech

Apply enhanced AI techniques on biomedical, real-world, and outside trial data to overturn the failure rate of clinical trials – fore more success with less expenditure. Enrich your trial design based on clinico-molecular signals that predict drug safety and efficacy. Validate biomarkers, combinations and repurposing opportunities.

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Corporate Oncology Program for Employees

COPE is designed to give companies a direct and uncomplicated way to offer our IVD medical devices in personalized cancer diagnostics to the employees who need it.


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Protecting your personal data
All patients can rest assured that their personal information is de-identified and treated following stringent data privacy standards. Only the treating physician and the MH- certified physician have access to personally identifying, transparent patient and health data. We follow the regulations from GDPR and HIPAA. Molecular Health is ISO 13485:2016-, MDSAP- and CLIA/CAP-certified and operates its software application in a TSI-certified and highly protected computer center.
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Let’s talk about how our products can work for you

Call us for a product demo or, if you are a patient, talk to your treating physician to see how you can benefit from an MH Guide analysis.

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