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Create a Precision Medicine Center of Excellence

Because EMR data contains patterns and insights that can improve patient safety, clinical outcomes and quality metrics, being able to easily access and harness your own EMR patient data can change how your institution approaches healthcare. Adding a molecular data layer to your clinical decision processes could bring you even closer to precision medicine.

Turn your data into valuable, actionable insights

Structuring, integrating and analyzing your EMR data can reveal actionable metrics on how you deliver healthcare to patients and influence the subsequent outcomes. This can help your hospital or delivery network enhance overall patient health through optimization of policies and formularies that improve care and reduce cost. Acting on the ability to accurately predict the effectiveness of a treatment is one of the best ways to improve outcomes, reduce side-effects and reduce cost.



Improve clinical outcomes continuously
With a solid understanding of how drugs work at the molecular level, you have a starting point on your journey towards becoming a Precision Medicine Center of Excellence. That is because better information leads to better ways to identify, control and measure the impact of clinical variables – and promises better clinical outcomes. The cycle of identifying new insights can be iteratively incorporated into your treatment plans, protocols and databases.
Support new revenue models
Strengthening your focus on outcomes by incorporating molecular medicine into your practice can be attractive to payers and pharmaceutical companies as it signals an ability to engage in ACO-type contracts and become a high-quality clinical trial site.
Leverage EMR data analytics
With all the molecular variations in how complex diseases manifest themselves, healthcare is still as much an art as a science. Doctors use the tools available, but often rely on evidence-based studies founded on average outcome improvements, controlled environments, or protocols. Now, with EMR data analytics, we can help you uncover new ways to understand the clinical impacts, quality metrics and economic ramifications of your practice – and find ways to improve how you deliver care and create higher standards.

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Dataome is a technology platform that empowers the quality-controlled capture, integration and analysis of structured clinical and unstructured clinico-molecular data knowledge for millions of patients globally. Developed for over a decade, it represents a single-point of access to the current state of available biomedical knowledge. As data and knowledge grow, Dataome grows - providing the evidence-base required to make a data-driven difference in clinical discovery and patient care.

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Cloud Security

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