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Give the diagnosis a better prognosis

Every physician wants to be confident they are giving patients the best possible care. Molecular Health helps improve your efficiency in reporting results, and allows you to uncover which therapies are most likely to work – and which are not.

Get to a decision faster

Better information leads to better decisions. But until now, better information required a lot of work on your end – reading, researching, talking to colleagues. Molecular Health’s offerings improve your efficiency by providing optimized laboratory workflow solutions for molecular reporting, as well as providing expertly curated content that eliminates routine work and significantly reduces how long you spend researching literature.

Better informed decisions
Wouldn’t you like to know what the latest literature says about the type of cancer you are treating? What about how your patient’s genetic makeup influences which therapies are effective? Or even whether there are clinical trials your patient could take advantage of? All of that – and more – is available to you with Molecular Health.
Streamlined workflows
Forget spending hours per day searching for new and novel treatments. Now you can learn about the most effective therapies – with links to the appropriate peer-reviewed journal articles – in minutes.
Improved reimbursement
Outcomes-based payments place a lot of pressure on rare and hard-to-treat conditions. Molecular Health helps you take control of your revenue by providing a simple list of the treatments that are most likely to work, based on your patient’s condition. With an evidence-based outcome, the chances for reimbursement will likely be increased.

We know your challenges — and we can help

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Dataome is a technology platform that empowers the quality-controlled capture, integration and analysis of structured clinical and unstructured clinico-molecular data knowledge for millions of patients globally. Developed for over a decade, it represents a single-point of access to the current state of available biomedical knowledge. As data and knowledge grow, Dataome grows - providing the evidence-base required to make a data-driven difference in clinical discovery and patient care.

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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

You are committed to keeping patient data safe, and so are we. Not only are we HIPAA-compliant, we also meet all industry requirements for secure storage and transmission of sensitive and protected patient data.

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