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Better predict drug outcomes for developmental success

Currently, about 0.1% of compounds investigated are found to be worthwhile of an IND application1 – and fewer than 10% of those that go into clinical development make it to approval1 . Molecular Health can help you create a fast-feedback cycle of clinico-molecular insights to enable and support outcomes prediction which in turn can increase your clinical development and commercial success.

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Unlock the power of clinico-molecular data

The pharmaceutical industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as machine learning and neural networks to extract insights about drugs, diseases and outcomes from clinical and molecular data. However, it is challenging to apply AI reliably and meaningfully to biomedicine because:

  • AI applied to healthcare requires a high-quality and complex integration of different types of data that do not normally appear interlinked in typical sources
  • AI’s predictive power and capability to produce meaningful insights is well-established with linear, repetitive patterns, while biomedicine data exhibits a different nature with complex and  scattered features
  • Healthcare records are incomplete and variable, so human intervention by highly specialized medical experts is needed to decide which techniques will yield the most meaningful and accurate interpretations.

Molecular Health merges clinical, molecular and drug data, and filters it through its highly-specialized data knowledge-base and human domain expertise to choose the right machine learning model that will optimize and ensure the quality and reliability of data insights to increase your success in discovering, developing and commercializing drugs.

Better predict drug response and resistance
The merging of clinical and molecular data allows you to form a better understanding of how drug candidates will perform in the real world before full real-world evidence emerges and is aggregated.
Design more successful trials
An improved understanding of the clinical and molecular signals and pathways that explain and predict drug safety and efficacy will enable you to design trials that are more targeted, more precisely stratified, and potentially more likely to succeed.
Use molecular evidence for market acceptance
Payers want to know which patients will respond to your drug, and whether the outcome will be better than with other treatments. Through in silico science delivered by MH, you can develop a deep understanding of the clinical and molecular mode of action, identify and validate biomarkers to support your therapy’s value, and find treatment combinations that have the potential to improve efficacy and safety as well as identifying repurposing opportunities for existing drugs.

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Dataome is a technology platform that empowers the quality-controlled capture, integration and analysis of structured clinical and unstructured clinico-molecular data knowledge for millions of patients globally. Developed for over a decade, it represents a single-point of access to the current state of available biomedical knowledge. As data and knowledge grow, Dataome grows - providing the evidence-base required to make a data-driven difference in clinical discovery and patient care.

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