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Enhanced pharmacovigilance through clinico-molecular insights

Although clinical trials are instrumental to making drugs available to patients, their evidence is generated under highly controlled conditions – excluding patients that may receive the therapy in real life. Molecular Health helps you assess and predict the real-world safety profile of new and approved drugs, by combining traditional pharmacovigilance approaches with new innovations in mechanism-based assessment and prediction.

Use Real-World evidence to improve drug safety assessment and prediction

It is difficult to fully vet the safety of new therapies. In fact, some serious – or life impacting – reactions may not arise until the drug has been widely prescribed. Molecular Health Effect™ (MH Effect) combines real-world data from millions of patient safety reports with molecular data on how drugs function at a molecular level within the body, so regulators can come closer to accurately assessing what should be on the label – including unexpected interactions with comedications and comorbidities.


Enhance analysis of AE causality
Combine traditional pharmacovigilance with innovations in mechanism-based assessment for novel insights into the molecular causality of drug safety issues and to transform the accuracy and speed of your drug labeling decisions.
Predict drug safety labels
Combine traditional pharmacovigilance with innovations in mechanism-based prediction to identify potential safety issues for new and approved drugs. Using MH Effect, you can anticipate and predict important/designated medical events before they occur.
Augment analysis of drug-to-drug interaction
MH Effect provides a new dimension of insight into drug interactions so you can move beyond established knowledge to identify novel interactions in targets and pathways, as well as clinical co-morbidities.

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Dataome is a technology platform that empowers the quality-controlled capture, integration and analysis of structured clinical and unstructured clinico-molecular data knowledge for millions of patients globally. Developed for over a decade, it represents a single-point of access to the current state of available biomedical knowledge. As data and knowledge grow, Dataome grows - providing the evidence-base required to make a data-driven difference in clinical discovery and patient care.

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